cassidy&raleigh: couple shoot

Cassidy and Raleight were awesome. Chris and Cassidy have been really good friends for a long time and Raleigh actually sold us our camera setup! They were incredibly comfortable in front of a camera, and had no problem tuning us out. Which is a good thing. 



Sometimes my husband takes really beautiful, thoughtful photos.

For anyone who has ever gone hunting, that moment when you take an animals life can be reflective. To be thankful for the meat it's provided. And to really be aware of where food comes from. I would rather eat deer that I know were not injected with hormones and kept in a small shed, but it's easy to eat packaged beef from the supermarket and not think about how it came to be that way.

Hunting truly gives you a feel of the natural sacrifice that happens for you to eat meat.

The photos of Ana and I just happened the same day because she was actually in a happy, somewhat calm mood, and I love every single one of them.


Everyone knows my husband has been building this bike for the past couple years. Well, I'm happy to say it's done. Maybe... Oh hell, it's never done. But it looks awesome right now.

My baby is a tornado with two little legs. She's a ball of energy that is uncontainable and I love her every day for it. Even when it gets hard and I'm tired and I am at my wits end, I love her for exactly who she is.

My little monster.