This past weekend, we went to the Struble family's house! As you can see, Ana had a blast. Especially when she was allowed to go in Aunt Nannah's room.

There are so many things we didn't get a chance to capture. Like when Ana was going to bed and wouldn't let Grandma leave the room. So my Mom stayed in bed with us until Ana fell asleep and then had to sneak out.

We also didn't capture the bowls strewn across the floor and Ana laughing in joy as she threw necklaces into the dog's water bowl.

Every thing about Ana at this age moves incredibly fast. Her legs, her milestones, her personality. It's so hard to hold onto those baby moments, but so fun to embrace the toddler stage. Well, usually. When they're not scaling baby gates and climbing on top of Fisher Price piano's. 


Ana and Her Quilt.

It's been a long time, my friends. Ana keeps getting bigger and more mischievous and Mama keeps starting more and more projects.

Favorite things of mine Ana does:
-Says 'eyes' and points to her eyes or pokes mine.
-Learned to kiss. It's open mouth, but it's awesome.
-Snuggles between Daddy and Me when she's ready for bed.
-Runs down the hall when you chase after her.

Here's our first quilt! We used a tutorial from See Kate Sew. I love it. It's but perfect, but hey, it's my first quilt. We've learned a couple things by doing this.

1. Cutting is SUPER DUPER important. Fudging it with a quilt is not a good idea. So I bought a rotary cutter for the next one.

2. It's impossible to 'quilt' without a quilting foot. I'm really glad my MIL had a quilting foot. Especially when you use thick batting.

3. That being said, we got poked. A lot. I recommend doing a basting stitch or using safety pins when you get to the quilting process. Not regular pins.

4. It takes a while. This was a 42'x48' one and it took a month.

5. My husband is awesome and put in just as much time as I did on this. He's especially good at sewing binding tape.

6. Color scheme is important. So is placement. We switched the pattern up when things seemed too heavily clumped. Take time to really figure out your placement before you start.

7. We only quilted the mint colored triangles and I love the back of it. Switch up your quilting style and experiment.

8. Have fun and PATIENCE with it. There will be times it wont come out perfect, and that's okay


Christmas and What-Not.

Welp, this was the Christmas that has changed Christmas forever. It wasn't Ana's first Christmas and it wasn't my first Christmas as an 'adult,' whatever that may be, but it was new.

Last year Ana was a month old when Christmas snuck up. I was tired. So freaking tired that I didn't care what I got as long as there was a nap involved somewhere. Ana had no idea what was going on so she slept and cried like any other day.

The couple Christmas's before I started getting stuff like vacuums and egg beaters, you know, sensible adult stuff. Not a Barbie jeep power wheel or cool shiz like that, so I was well accustomed to the 'adult' Christmas by now. What I wasn't prepared for was Christmas as a parent of a small person who could recognize the things you got them.

Christmas Eve, Ana went to bed and slept like a rock, but it took a little while. In the meantime, I willed her to go to sleep with all my might. I just wanted to get some sleep too.

Finally, she was asleep enough I could move all wrapped items upstairs from the basement. It took four trips and I felt like I had climbed a mountain. At least it was a little cardio.

Oh shit, I forgot to get the stocking stuffer stuff ready. Cue my mother in law and I at 9:30 loudly opening lots of plastic with those annoying twist tie things. Just horrible. Toy makers, kids don't care about how perfectly set up it is in the box. It will just end up scattered on the floor so stop using those things as torment devices for parents.

Then we had to get it in the stocking. My mother in law graciously volunteered for me to hand the stuff up to her as she balanced on a chair and side table since the stockings were a good 8 feet in the air. It was a sight.

FINALLY! I could go to bed. I laid on that sweet, sweet pillow, and then it happened.

"Will she like her presents?"
"I hope we didn't get her too many, I want her to remember the real reason of Christmas."
"I can't wait to see her face."
"Awe, look at her sleep. She has no idea."

Brains need an temporary shut down switch. Especially come Christmas time.

So I tossed and turned and the husband woke up at 3am with the same thoughts so we both tossed and turned, all the while sweet little babe slept and slept.

At 8am we woke up and since we are naughty parents, we had to keep her preoccupied so we could both go out to smoke our morning cigarettes.

Then it came. OUR MOMENT OF GLORY!

We set her in front of the tree and all her presents and poor little Ana was still so sleepy, she didn't notice a damn thing and started crying. We pointed to her baby piano and she caught on. Those presents were for her!

Then she tore into everything with sheer excitement and wonder and it was awesome.

Some things don't change when you become a parent. The excitement of Christmas although in a different way, doesn't go away. It gets better. So much better. Not being able to sleep comes from selfless thoughts, instead of selfish ones. And it doesn't dawn on you until that glorious morning that Christmas is just so stinking awesome as a parent.